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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Out of order day - didn't wake till 10am; Beloved already off. Cloudy - but it dispersed. Brilliant day - sea and islands clear; wind reasonable. Work at literary opus - very dissatisfied. Now make jam; inbetweenwhiles trek to looking at cricket scores on Channel 4 Test match coverage. (England winning at moment; miracle. But West Indies pale reflection of earlier teams.) Still it's a kind of connection with my dad - can't - don't want to follow him to golf or snooker.

Cat and I lay for an hour on sofas on either side of room, cat stretched out inelegantly, belly up, much like a person.

Nothing to say. NOTHING. We don't swim - Beloved has bout of diarrheoia (can't spell it) so we don't swim. Can't be bothered to go alone.

NOTHING, Enough. Grannyp xxx

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