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Thursday, July 22, 2004

NO WIND!! (or virtually none.) But mist instead - cloud lifts - all the tops of hills can now be seen but no sky. Quiet and musky light. Adds to sense of somnulence I get at this season, wind or no wind.

Each night I am like the old women of the north in Perseus story - the Grae.... take out my eyes, take out my ears. (Keep my teeth tho' such as I have.) Contact lenses and hearing aid. Signs of age? Not necessarily - could have had contact lenses at 20 had they been available; had them at 30. As for poor hearing that's hereditary and comes early in our family. Driving everyone mad so they beg you to get aid. I got it. (Beloved claims I'm lucky because it means I don't hear a) wind b) dogs c) snoring (mine.) Actually I hear everything - including the snoring (his) - but much less intensely. It doesn't usually keep me awake, unlike him.  Tho' less so since he cured the banshee shrieking emitted by the bathroom window when it's blowing.)

More sign of age will be that next year I may have difficulty getting travel health insurance, which I shall resent deeply given that I am fitter than many if not most people of 50 or even 40. (Granny congratulates herself here on healthy lifestyle - true, mostly, but if she's honest also has to admit that genes help. Hers are long-living ones -apart from the little glitch of the breast cancer BRAC1 defect, which she does though mitigate by all means; so far successfully.)

Nothing to report except writing one new page. Odd to be focussing on Birmingham, sitting here. Had odd moment of nostalgia and regret. Is currently describing high-rise block in which lived brain-damaged Debbie. Not a salubrious place, really.

Over the wall from us a tree full of lemons. The citrus trees I've planted don't even run to leaves. Heigh-ho. Will they ever?

Nothing to say. The quietness of the day is filling granny's head. Cat sleeps, so does she. xxx



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