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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Another more or less cloudless day. After two days at 40C or thereabout, temperature now - midday - is still only 30C - the wind has gone round to NE. That's the good news. Bad news is it's at strength over 30 mph - worse than yesterday - much. House playing its usual tunes. Picked figs this morning to find them withering on the branches. According to cleaner, Nieves. the white grapes have all burned and are lost - no wine possible. According to attic woman's carer, Urgencias at  the island hospital is full of tourists suffering from dehydration and heat-stroke. The elderly (us??) have been urged to stay indoors. No temptation to do anything much else today - tho' Beloved is visiting attic woman right now. I cried off. Have been feeling a bit off - despite drinking pints of water and taking Dioralyte. A bit stomachy and hot-skinned, like having a mild allergy. Wild dreams with it last night, related to having spent past day or two booking for Edinburgh Festival. We went to see play which was all audience participation - then I was alone, being whirled through partly snow-covered city - finally found myself at back of ?cart being driven by back-turned male driver who just said 'don't talk' and whose horse suddenly keeled over and produced dead twins - vestigial, jellified ones, more like embryos - then got back along with other playgoers met en route to playhouse and different play. Weird.  Enough.

Spanish Radio Classica cannot be found - ?wind - ?heat - only Portuguese with its strange Polish zzzhs. That's it really for today.



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