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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Wonders of technology. I don't think. Last night Beloved boiled something over on the stove; water got into the electrics of the hob and short circuited the entire downstairs circuit, servicing 2 fridges, the phone, computer. telly, digibox, cd player, reading lights etc etc. Couldn't watch box, read (for lack of light) listen to music etc etc, so we ended up going to bed very early. In morning all restored, fortunately. Still in bed, though, received frantic phonecall from ex-Beloved, accusing granny of plundering his savings account. Turned out actually to be her savings account which he'd been plundering 3 fold.....in fact had just emptied. All sorted amicably via friendly First Direct telephonists.....Don't know who more to blame - her for not noticing money going out, him for not having taken note when details of account first sent to him, by mistake, that it wasn't his..... 2 people for sure who didn't know quite what they were worth. They do now.

This took all morning though; plus sorting out lease for prospective tenant of studio. Turns out that under Spanish law, if someone stays for a year in any property they are automatically allowed a five year extension. Lucky we found this out in time.

Land grey as much as yellow. The dead vegetation. Sun brilliant. One rogue poppy came out just outside the gate. Don't know how it managed to in all this (normal for here) drought. But it did. Grannyp

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