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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mrs Handsome is gone; Mr Handsome, whose plane arrives as hers takes off, rings up an hour later to ask if we know where she is. Beloved admits to taking her to the airport, but no more. Handsome wants to know if she took more than one piece of baggage (her suitcases are under a bed in the blue room.) Beloved who doesn't notice these things says he thinks so. (In fact she had 3 bits of hand baggage, one of which was only a plastic bag, the other her handbag.) All relevent locals have taken themselves off on a barbecue to avoid questioning. A contriteMr Handsome has arrived home with Janet Reger underwear for his wife, a not totally unforgiving Mrs H has left a gooseberry pie and a steak in the fridge. Though, obviously, there's hope for them yet, outcome will have to wait 2 weeks till Mrs H returns. Meantime Beloved and Granny will have to do some work on Mr. Who will be turning up here tomorrow.

Well, we'll see. Beloved has now gone swimming, but will return shortly to start cooking rabbit - shop-bought.

Hunting day, appropriately enough. Cat shut in. Ploy of releasing dogs to bark at hunters' questing, long-legged dogs, seems to be working. Hunters climb on wall, confer and go without investigating our land. Hunting kit consists of curious pale sage -coloured hat, distantly related to baseball cap but much floppier, and similar coloured bag slung across body. Sun out, wind up. Prospective tenant for studio did not turn up last night. Not altogether a pity. Granny P

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