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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Another perfect day; hot, not too hot; a little wind to cool it but not too much. Full blue sky and sun. Halcyon weather we should have had through the last two months but didn't. All weather sites predict rain on Thursday, but the gardener here (granny mainly) might be glad of that. Though mornings are good and cool and dew abundant; which helps.

Rabbit got up this morning; shot across land, up to drive and took refuge by the wall of the large bed at the back, full of palm trees, hibiscus and various succulents, all doing nicely. (Also castor oil trees, cuttings from larger same in back terrace: some local authorities in Britain are rooting them out apparently as ricin(?) -can't spell it, poison anyway- can be produced from them by would-be terrorists. Don't think we'll have a go.) Dogs fetched and rabbit again bolted but they didn't catch it.

Rock pool going on nicely. Crab doggo, probably after overeating. Not we hope after snacking on poisonous intestines of sea cucumber which it extrudes apparently when frightened - then happily reabsorbs. Charming. Sea cucumber got round the tank yesterday. Is now again ensconsed behind the crab. Marine aquaria books all designed for those who have to buy their stock, so don't want their expensive acquisitions snacking on each other. For us who get stuff for free finding what eats what is half the - was about to put 'fun' but perhaps 'interest' might be more decorous.

Granny tired with lurking cold. Hence no blog yesterday. Is taking Attic Woman to swim in Handsomes' pool later. What her Jewish friends would call a 'mitzva.' Thinks a little meanly and wistfully that only time in life she'll cease to be tending some aged/infirm person on and off will be when so aged as to need tending herself. Much cheered though by last night's TV report of GrannyD in USA, aged 94, walking 2000 miles at 10 miles a day to publicize campaign to make money less of the driving force in US elections. (So presidential candidates and others will not have to be millionaires; among other things. Is also standing for senate herself.) This is an example she'd like to follow. Much better than being querulous in a wheelchair.

Nice emails from last week's guests who cannot see any way G and Beloved could improve ourselves (wow!) and will definitely be recommending them to Alastair Sawday's special places to stay: also wow. Can therefore forgive guests for being a little over-organised.. (Tuesday is museum day, etc, etc!) Organisation has its uses when it gets the casa efficiently recommended in the right places. Good. Enough. Granny did much writing yesterday and wants to check out what will assuredly turn out not to be deathless prose. Grannypx

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