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Monday, October 18, 2004

A column of smoke from vine cuttings in front: another behind; what passes for autumn here, I guess. Our Canarian neighbours have used our bolas - Canarian bowls - court, two nights running. Good we're appreciated by locals that way at least. Visitors not interested in bolas, as not in jacuzzi. Things have gone well enough, otherwise, except for the fact the flame on the tank that heats their water keeps going out and they are so polite and mild, not to say so pink and white, they don't tell us till it's too late to remedy it. Brits! Nice people though, who like the things in this island that matter.

Beloved cooking. Every saucepan in use as usual. Has just produced something mysterious wrapped in a tortilla and is asking me to try it. Hmm. Tidiness remains miraculous all except Granny and Beloved's own space which is the adult - sorry geriatric - version of a teenage tip. Complete with pin-up poster - Isak Dinesen in this case, one of Granny's longterm beloveds. (Who has ever heard of her now. Daresay Britney will be still obscurer fifty years hence. GOOD.) Grannypxx

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