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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Last morning of guests. Breakfast over. Kitchen still full of dirty dishes from last night - dishwasher has already run three times! This is called bed breakfast and dinner.

Last night was so balmy we sat outside. Though the wind has gone round to the north this morning it is still minimal; early fog/cloud is gradually easing. If wind gets up we'll be back to normal, but for now still it's warm. Beloved and large gardener are about to appropriate this machine to do website for natural history course in the Spring. (Will anyone come?) So I write now. Not much except the domestic. Nice guests saw 28 out of list of 35 birds they'd come with so (many more than we have) so they are happy; not to say regretting departure. It's cold back there.

Off to empty and refill dishwasher. Tra la la. More later, if granny not totally flat (is possible. Another not very good night. Worry dreams. One of being taken by Nazi's but in privileged state, and frantically trying to rescue to same privileged state Jewish ex-husband rather than Beloved. Who didn't even seem in the picture. Naturally don't tell him about this one..)

It'll be good to be alone again for a bit.. I have my ticket ay last and will leave for cold and grandchildren on Monday week. Grannypxx

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