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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Escapologist cat sat on computer; got this up....Who wants a feline Houdini?

Our fond hopes of having confined him at last proved unfounded. He escaped through gap behind small fridge. We inserted wooden panel and got that sorted out; he then managed to open window, spent last night out anyway. But not before we'd succeeded in locking ourselves out - on balmy evening we ate on back terrace and had shut all doors behind us to keep him in. Beloved had an inelegant scramble through a high window, which was, fortunately. open.

Cactus bud has opened: flower six large hairy and bent-back petals, the colour of dried blood. More impressive than pretty.

Not so balmy this morning. Granny a little melancholy with Radio 3 (very faint these days...connection to speakers?) and Guardian books online. Must now write - none done yesterday owing to shopping etc. Also owing to attempts to extract creatures from rock pools at low tide. Combination of small tide range at moment and impressive waves meant usual pools not very accessible. Both Beloved and Granny got very wet and neither garnered much in the way of fish, shrimps, snails etc. Billowing sea, though, brilliant blue, green, white, was a pleasure, which made up for everything in Granny's opinion. In due course she left getting wet to Beloved and sat and watched. She has always liked the sea. (Her mother put this down to their Viking ancestry. She could have been right.)

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