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Thursday, October 07, 2004

SAGA holidays; SAGA as in 'SEX AND GAMES AWAY'. Bet you didn't know that.

Granny and Beloved do now thanks to Chief Carer, with whom they had a meeting yesterday to discuss Attic Woman finances etc etc. One of CC's many other jobs is fielding Saga clients at the Saga hotel in a resort I won't name when they are - frequently - in trouble; often because drunk. ('I walk in at breakfast time and half them are away already on Bucks Fizz'..) In the past 2 weeks out of 40 Saga guests 7 were emergencies. Two broken limbs from falling down by the swimming-pool, one gall stones -already diagnosed but re-activated after an overdose of Sangrias, one heart attack following 'unaccustomed activity' (guess what) one guest with an unreported, full-time attendance allowance back in the UK, who turns over her supposedly indoor invalid car in the street and nearly gets run over, one with a broken leg also from a drunken fall, and one more granny can't remember. Holiday Insurance on a Saga Holiday is twice as expensive as on any other. You can see why.

We ask if our house would make a care home if we ever want to sell it. No, because noone wants to go 'right out in the sticks.' (We are always being told we are 'right out in the sticks' despite being 20 minutes only, from airport, main town, main resorts.... This is a small island.) Hurray for out in the sticks we say, looking out at our islands. Less profit, though. Pity.

Sun. Light west Wind. Hunting day. Confined- to- barracks cat driving granny insane. (The window by which he hopes to exit sits just behind this laptop.) Sympathy with him has not stopped her taking him by the scruff and dumping him in the back; she is busily ignoring the still indignant yowls. They'll stop soon. With luck. Grannyp

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