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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Feline Houdini is trying to eat the keyboard. Sun out - alas: Beloved was impatient last night because Granny tried to relieve horror of programme on US religious right - shades of the Handmaid's Tale - by rushing out hoping for more rain. In vain. There wasn't any- sound was wind. 'Why does it matter?Why do you need to know!' It does matter! the miracle of rains coming back to a dry place. Beloved's realism of course against g's romanticism.... A common theme. Strong light - wonderful shadows. Last evening, after the rains of the night before the hills on drive back from visit to Attic Woman looked almost fleshly; at the very least corporeal; every fold and wrinkle and delineated. Their bases sat on the land like huge and multiplied versions of Feline Houdini's paws.

Clock change. Nine o'clock in morning feels like 10. Lovely Beloved clashing around behind making breakfast - he has already this morning brought Granny coffee in bed. Granny has now to send Halloween Cards to computer literate grand-daughter. It feels chilly outside, despite sun. Autumn - for here - has arrived. Till later. Love to everyone. Grannyp

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Blogger Deirdre said...

Granny! You thinker, you! Yesterday's post ("Raining! - or it was...") will take me a week to digest: so many ideas!

And I know what you mean about "the miracle of rains coming back to a dry place". Here in my part of Australia (which is usually quite lush) we've just come through nearly a year of dry weather, and when the rain finally arrived, it really did feel miraculous. It brought such a huge sense of relief, plus there's nothing quite like the sound of rain on the roof at night, is there?

Best wishes. I'll be back at some later stage to unravel the mystery of the rockpool... You're not a mermaid or something, are you?

12:41 pm  
Blogger granny p said...

Oh but yes, my tale (tail?) is fine (not even borrowed from a granddaughter's dressing-up box.) Thanks Deirdre. If you live on a small Atlantic Island rock pools are easy. If blood-thirsty. (You should see our crab.) Granny liked your coffee trees by the way. Best wishes from GP

2:15 pm  

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