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Thursday, April 14, 2005

More -brief -diversions..

It is HORRIBLE here today. Winter has returned - icy wind at round 30mph and more, howling all night. And still howling. Cloud all over. No sun no islands no rain. Granny has discarded sandals, knee-length pants, is back in fleece, socks, etc. She has a heater in her office, the coldest room in the house - also the noisiest (memo to self, find crevices which winds enter in banshee mode and BLOCK them.) Last night she and Beloved lit the fire again.

So no excuses not to stay in and write then. Yes, she promises, the mostly written piece about her mum will be up shortly. And maybe there'll be another to follow. Meantime here are today's diversions - a jolly little piece about likelihood /danger level of various kinds of human extinction as seen by a number of scientists. If you can't be bothered to get it up, Granny will tell you here and now that the one both most likely and most dangerous to mankind is being taken over by super-robots. (Memo to self - have stern word with Beloved on this one; robots having been his thing when he grew out of animals; he even invented a robot - or rather, a flock of them.)

T'other diversion is piece about Lucien Freud's latest opus - self-portrait with naked lady crouching at his feet. Again, to save you trouble, Tracy Emin's comment sums up the painting and her; 'It isn't me.' But if, like Granny, you revere the man, do read the whole piece. As much as she can see the work is far from misogynist - or if it is, it's no less ironical about him. What pull's he got now - apart from his work? It pulls Granny, for sure. (Preferably not naked, though.) What do you think?

That's it folks.... to SERIOUS work.

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