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Monday, May 09, 2005


Don't get excited anyone. Granny after days of dealing with technology and playing mummy, has nothing of interest to say, in this country abuzz with leadership crises. As buzzing news - courtesy of Sunday Independent which she can't quote because for some reason neither of the MAC internet systems seems to allow Blogger link- is that the countries beekeepers are at war with one another. Fancy that. Otherwise she has spent the whole morning trying vainly, with the help of expensive phone calls, to download word files from her memory sticks. Seems it can't be done unless you have the Mac version of Word up, otherwise it sends you nasty little error messages, Neither of the two help lines accessed twigged this. Granny only discovered it entirely by accident after three hours. Cursing all the while because MACand PC's were supposed to be compatible.... well they are. BUT.

So what are the beekeepers doing to each other the while? Breeding killer bees and sending them to each other in parcels? Who knows. She now has to clear up shit heap called flat in order to entertain her niece. It's all go here you see, Cheers.

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