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Monday, April 18, 2005

In passing

Granny will be working, offline, on another family piece today. There's a lot she wants to write and only a week to do it in; next Monday she's off for a few weeks, back to the UK and her other life.

So she will write only briefly here, on another grey, windy day, sitting in her dressing-gown and with the heater on beside her. She has spent the weekend wondering whether she should remove the two pieces related to the Rochester family. She wrote very tentatively in the first place; such things are difficult. In the end only did so because urged to by Mr R and because, thinking of the many people in the same difficult place that he was/is she decided that such things should perhaps be discussed, even anonymously as here. No comments on either post she noticed. Does that mean other people think they shouldn't be? She'd be interested to know.

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