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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bones week

Tutankamun wasn't murdered...he just fell off a chariot. Info Granny can give you because she saw it on Channel Four last night - complete with bones, mummified head, etc. Many bones, skulls of others too... All likely to have been more lively Granny thinks than well-fleshed bones displayed on Big Brother that followed. No, she did not stay to view, despite mild curiosity vis a vis 40 year old black Tory speechwriter and 30 year old female white witch, disporting themselves among the (almost certainly) vapid vivacity of the would-be famous and much younger rest. There: she had to get all that in. Dyspeptic grandmothers for ever. (BBC please put your satellite back...PLEASE.)

It was so chilly last night that Granny and Beloved even lit a fire. This is supposed to be the forever summer, sunny Canaries. Please note, Him up there. She's emigrating otherwise.

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