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Friday, May 13, 2005


Granny is off again tomorrow with Beloved to visit Beloved's Aged Cousin in Mallorca. She may or may not be able to access this before she arrives home on her island in 10 days or so time.

Meantime: she has been delighted by:

1) A dance of sex-mad grannies on zimmerframes. (Try her... Or, lucky Londoners, get a ticket to The Producers, The rest of you will have to wait for the film. Beloved HATES musicals. He didn't hate this.)

2. Holding a live mouse. It BUZZED. Sensation you understand; not sound. This was not a BEE. More like a little live electric current, Only electric currents, even live ones, don't peer at you with button black eyes, explore you with little pink hands and long pink noses. It had ears like curled fingernails. Very charming. As long as it doesn't live in your cupboard and deposits its less charming turds all over your packets of rice etc. In which case you bring in a cat. This one lives in a cage with 2 equally charming siblings, property of Granny's eight year old god-daughter. So that's all right.

The politics in England continue to be boring and the weather cold. What's new? Actually, looking at politics elsewhere, maybe boredom is A GOOD THING.

PS Will this lead to a correspondance about mice, Granny wonders? Or sex-crazed grannies?? HA...

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