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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

wet suits....

Granny is sorry for being so uncommunicative ... she's in London, chasing here there everywhere as usual and trying to avoid getting wet. Very difficult when all the rain that hasn't fallen on her little island seems determined to fall on her big one; and when the wind chases her everywhere. Last week she flew from small to big island in howling gales - not nice; tomorrow she is promised more gales when she flies to Berlin with Beloved Son to visit an old friend. Granny is a nervous flier at the best of times; she does not enjoy being thrown up and down. Maybe she's being punished to adding to her Carbon Footprint. (Even though she's paid her due for what it's worth.) But this is, after all, Beloved Son's Christmas and Birthday present, in part, sort of. Which justifies it; doesn't it? A visit to Blackpool mightn't cheer him up in the same way. Plus Granny likes giving presents she gets to enjoy too. She hasn't been to Berlin since just after the Wall came down. It will, she suspects, be very interesting; not to say different. So that's two reasons for not putting up more posts. The third reason is that she is writing something long and complicated which needs someone else's eye on it before she can put it up here. Sorry to be cryptic. It's a fairy story - but only of sorts. All will be revealed next week. But meantime, for now, this quick hullo and goodbye will have to do.

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