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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Sorry everyone; sorry sorry sorry......Granny has been entertaining Beloved Painter Friend, grandchildren - and of course her beloved - back in London. And Beloved has been cooking - another story. What with that and having to compete with Beloved and the BPF for use of the laptop, she has not been keeping up with this, either. Or with any of her blogging friends. And no, she is not going to write much now to make up for it. She is on her own on her island- Beloved does not arrive home till tomorrow. It is an unusually warm evening for this time of the year, almost windless. She has been swimming and then wandering round on the salt flats seeing what birds were there, and, in particular, talking to the one and only remaining spoonbill, which was sunning itself by the look of it, while her dog chased fish. (Vainly.) And she is about to take a glass of the single malt acquired in Gatwick on her way home and - taking her cue from the spoonbill - sit outside in the sunset with a book, enjoying it. Why not? Don't anyone DARE complain. Cheers - till tomorrow; she promises to be back then.

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