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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

new steps

Well, friends. Here's a how-de-do. Granny has been thinking (you must be thinking; well she doesn't usually. You might be right..). She's been thinking about this for a long time in fact and not done anything about it. Only, two days ago, she read about someone who's doing something similar. So maybe she will try it too.

Two years ago a new book of hers for teenagers was sent round a number of publishers, all of whom turned it down. Granny being an arrogant writer didn't think it deserved that - no, she doesn't think they were rejecting George Eliot or Zadie Smith, the bastards, (the publishers she means, of course) - but she thinks this book has its merits. She's going to publish it here, chapter by chapter. Or you can get it via her profile.

It's called Lifting the World, for reasons which will be entirely apparent.

It seems to her a funny way to publish stuff. Not least it will come out back to front. But she can't help that. Life is back to front too, sometimes. Or often.

Anyway: she'll risk it. What adventures.

On top of that - thanks to Beloved Son - she can now sent messages on her mobile using predictive texting. Wow. She's growing up. Or down. A bit like Merlin in TH White's unique book The Sword in the Stone. Which she recommends you read now, if you haven't.

It's cold. She's cold. And off to cook her supper. (Cauliflower and pasta cooked the Sicilian way with anchovy, pine nuts, raisins and saffron if you want to know. She has dear friend in Berlin to thank for that. Yummy.)

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