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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yum yum

Granny is a little late this morning. Guests are leaving etc etc. Granny has to put on yet another hat and turn accountant/cashier. They seem very satisfied and promise to recommend this establishment to Alastair Sawday. And how not when they are staying in the place illustrated above and eating food like this.... (These guests luckily are foodies and have adventurous tastes.)

Here follows some sample menus to get your taste buds working... Granny must, though, acknowledge the strong input from the 'Moro' cookbooks, much as their recipes are often adapted by Beloved or by her. What she really means is that she's too bloody EXHAUSTED to write anything. Menus will have to do. Sorry.

Thursday March 22nd

Oyster mushroom with sherry, garlic and prawns
Roast Chicken with preserved lemon
spinach/ kohl rabi Moroccan style
Dried fruit fool with grappa

Friday 23rd March

Vegetable Tapas (Turkish sweet/sour leeks. Puree of Moroccan roast carrots with feta and carroway seeds.)
Black Paella
Green salad
Queso Fresco (fresh goat's cheese) with Membrillo (quince paste)

Saturday March 24th

Salad of salt cod, red onions and potatoes
Lamb tagine with rice
Green salad
Oranges in orange flower water with orange cake
Sunday March 25th

Ajo Blanco (white gazpach0) Kiwi style
Beloved's Stuffed Squid
Slow-cooked fennel
Bananas flambe with black treacle ice-cream

Tuesday March 27th

Risotto of green garlic (home grown)
Quail breasts with raisins and pine nuts
Spinach/young broad beans in the pod
Chocolate cake with Seville orange icecream

Everything home-made; of course. Want to visit anyone? Or not?

This is NOT going to turn into a cooking blog. To prove it you can now go here. It's up.

(Sometimes the way things are in the literary world Granny thinks she should turn to cooking full time.Or maybe not. The cooking she likes. What she doesn't like is the washing-up. Beloved doesn't either. That's why he doesn't do it much.)

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