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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet Billy the Kid

Granny found her camera: and the battery charger: and the lead connecting camera and laptop: miracle of miracles of miracles

So here we have HIMSELF, below. And, above, Beloved and friends...

Granny with baby below- and, right, the baby closer up.

Isn't he a duck of ducks? Well okay, if you must - we mustn't confuse species must we - not in the house of an animal man - isn't he a kid of kids?....And by the way he can't half butt. He's getting horns... which makes him a match for any troll already. If there were trolls on Lanzarote that is. But I think we're mixing up our continents as well as our species. This is Africa, dears (almost) not Scandinavia.

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