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Friday, July 16, 2004

Telly has now gone wrong - digital problem - engineer off to Morocco for weekend; such is life.   As if it mattered!  (Not really....) Other problem is continual re-appearance of nasty smell in white room bathroom. Why is technological world so cantankerous?
Also: Granny slipped last evening getting over the little wall at the back of the burgeoning figtree when the stone she was holding to balance herself turned out treacherous; has bruised left hand floating rib, and now moves like the ageing woman she is - she doesn't normally- she hopes!  - problem exacerbated by stiffness from stretches restarted yesterday .. Usual horror of hauling herself out of bed in the morning still worse than usual.
Grey, only marginally windy.  She and Beloved have  been down to the coast - west - black lava beaches - the last two days to what they used to call the ghost village - now being re-colonised by locals driven away from tourist haunts on east.  The rock pools are the attraction for them, not sunbathing.  Purpose at the moment not to collect animals for their own, kitchen, rock pool, but just to look.  Amid normal gobies, blennies, granny at first trip saw much bigger, dark blue, partly irridescent one - very handsome - a goby of some kind to judge by its sucker flippers but more dramatic and rare than the rest.  This particular rock pool seething with life - gobies - blennies and small fry of both, plus some little schooling fish - two or three doing their synchronised swimming act in upper water; a small crab, arguing with blennies over snails etc.  Beloved, the animal man, says food supply must be particularly good in this pool, though not obviously different from others; a bit deeper maybe. Big blue gobie has large rock from under which it emerges only to chase out invaders or to fight for food, including some limpets gathered and dropped in by Beloved.  Mesmerising as usual; can sit for hours. Dogs did a disappearing act yesterday, so didn't need this trip.  Much less interrupted view of pool without them rooting round and frightening the fish. This kind of expedition, along with Beloved, justifies granny's exile.   
Courtesy of Nieves the cleaner (why is 'Snow' a popular name on this island which has never in its existance seen snow?) tenants have been acquired for two weeks at the end of August, studio and white room - when GP and B will be away and they don't have to get into the house. Colombians - from the coast by the look of it, not speaking the pure Spanish of middle-class Colombians - quite hard to understand.  Mother and ?husband plus 'hijos' - mistakenly thought at first to be children - but no, young marrieds. (Presumably one 'hijo' an in-law - or are we encouraging incest?) Two camas matrimoniales required. Good. They're there anyway so much less trouble.
To work. Mozart requiem on radio has ended. Grannypxx

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