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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Low cloud - fog - lifting - not from my head. Dionysio next door has been painting the bottom of his boat. He wears a moustache these days. The wheelbarrow squesks along the donkey wall with food for pigs. Nieves, the cleaner, has been and gone - this time complaining about the cold - the fog was still low when she arrived - last week it was the heat. Wind a bit up again. Yesterday it was quite low and swung around all over the place, the way it did before the calima. Back north again now. Day to be generally disrupted as we have a meeting down at attic woman's house this afternoon, to discuss shopping, her, and the workings of our so-called business. Cat is off his food. Well well.

I have one blocked ear so sound also comes to me through fog. We leave for Madrid on Saturday - only way of getting out of here at this time of year. To UK on Sunday. Before then I have much jam to make, writing to finish, clearing up to do. As usual it seems unreal.

Still the leaves on my citrus trees keep on coming at last, and there even looks to be the possiblity of one - maybe two lemons! Banana trees also flourishing, but too small for bananas yet. Beloved doesn't care for them. Handsome and I nurture them despite.

Why is one, only one of our geraniums flourishing - most of the rest flowerless? Nasturtiums on one side finally done for by the heat.

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