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Monday, August 02, 2004

Totally clear earlier; now clouded over - but will clear later, I think. Typical weather up where we are. At other times of year sometimes it doesn't clear all day. Wind, standard NNE, but right down; good.

In next field they're clearing maize stalks - 2 men and truck. When we walked the dogs along the dirt road parallel to us but north last night there was a group of trucks and men, all ages who'd been picking the green grapes. Some brownish. I asked if they hadn't been burnt by heat and they said not all, but many. (Certainly they looked in better state than grapes further down hill which have not swelled up but withered.) Earlier, walking along donkey wall, we put up two parent kestrals and one young - recognisably smaller - which called to each other. A rare treat - kestrals are so proudly alone normally. To see them in domestic mode was touching.

Yesterday was frustrating day, despite starting rather delightfully in the jacuzzi plus coffee brought to me by Beloved. Can imagine worse things. I bought and downloaded Norton 2004, thereby, I hope, finally preventing endless Spanish pop-up ads for blue pills, green pills, you name it. Also wrote longish blog wondering why such technological successes made you feel better about everything -sex life - domestic life - work life, turning latest literary work eg into potential gem as opposed to shite it seemed beforehand...matter of control, I suggested; or of feeling in control. I then moved to save this and it promptly disappeared into ether; no blog. Newly acquired confidence thereby punctured, though granny did manage to write a bit of the not- such- a -literary -masterpiecel thereafter, So all not wholly lost. That was a typical day though; cloud early, then clear skies, brilliant sun, sea a deep blue, islands clear. 'Spectacular views' ie as promised in our brochures which Beloved has at last managed to publish on internet. Good.

Enough for now. Today, later, I have to pick more figs, make more jam. Two lots so far too runny, one lot set like concrete. Merrily, merrily. But at least I have figs. Most other trees - my second one too - have no ripe figs as yet - probably because they had many more at the earlier fruiting in March/April, when this one of mine sulked. Some of these hard green figs - like the unripe ones on my trees - seem burnt by last weeks Calima. Wonder if they will develop at all. If thery do there'll be more jam making on our return in September. Five days now before new departure for London.

Dreamed of my dead twin last night. An amicable dream.
Granny p

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