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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Not a productive day. Weather also returned to standard summer weather up here; cloud never lifted from hills tho' sunny down on all coasts. Just about sums up my my mood; figbound. Reboiling overthin fig jam in morning, setting up first lot for freezing and (for the moment) last lot for compote in the afternnoon. Never thought I would be woman with shelves of preserves, jams, bottled fruit. But here so I am.

Actually our coolish wind etc up here is a relief. Find damp heat lower down stifling. Get prickled enough picking figs even without sun; birds and insects are at them too. The tree reeks.

What else? - watched Frasier at lunchtime - ah - only end realised I'd seen this one before. Never mind; it was funny.

Attic woman seen yesterday, to be taken out to lunch tomorrow, has taken her dog as surrogate beloved.... dog can't handle it, 'Tis both sad and funny. Growing old not good in these circumstances. Wonder was still upright walking 104 year old at Cenotaph celebration(?) of start of World War One. August 4th 1914; 90 years ago today also on Channel4..My Dad still weeping in heaven I daresay for the deaths of his two brothers. So many years of grief,

Beloved is switching off the lights. Bedtime I guess. Granny p

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