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Friday, August 06, 2004

The paper aeroplane, ever more tattered, still clings to the wires just outside Tinajo. The last lot of figs for now have been frozen. I have produced some work and know where it's all going next. Beloved has finished the letter P in his dictionary. We have a website, an RDSI phone and 24 hour free connection to the internet.

In pursuit of which I spent a pleasing hour down the main town waiting for Telefonica shop to open - one reason this is such a nice town is that it's totally Spanish- and therefore keeps Spanish hours; meaning no opening till 10am and closing between 2 and 5 -hence the wait. But I sat in a cafe, walked along the front looking at children in a play scheme playing games on the beach - team games, football etc. There was one beatiful girl, taller than most, in a bikini, with a lot of curly blondish hair. A female Tadzio - and this ageing woman here, Granny P, feeling like a female version of Visconti's composer yearning over the beautiful boy. Not sexual - just a longing for youth and beauty - couldn't keep my eyes off her and wandered further than I need so as not to lose her. Sunny. Not a tourist in sight. Then back up here - still not a lot of sun up here - cloud low - but it's almost a relief to catch the wind. Muggy even so - this dry dry island is muggy all the time - salt..So dry right now they've cut the water off. It happens- though I doubt if the golf course loses it - or the big hotels.

We can't shower, wash anything, flush the loos, let alone water the plants...

And tomorrow we're off, back to the other island...Granny p

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