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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mrs Handsome has returned and she and Handsome seem to have made it up handsomely, judging by his smug grin this morning. Thanks due to Janet Reger? ...noone's asking.

Spanish National day today means nothing open. Bloody nuisance in all our rush and bother...Granny and Beloved exhausted getting house etc ready for visitors. Not until they start something and so look closely do they realise general muckiness .... the one medium-sized job generates 50 large ones. Granny's exhaustion not eased by current book making fireworks in her head, entailing odd rushes to laptop and pieces of paper. Beloved rather unwisely last night accused her of not pulling weight because too busy 'playing', ie writing. This unfortunate way of putting it led to his getting Henderson the Rain King thrown at his head and to an irate granny retiring to bed alone. Writing, she maintains, is NOT playing. IT IS WHAT SHE DOES. He doesn't notice her domestic activities anyway because long sight of ageing means he can't see dust, grot, etc which she spends her time removing. Etc.

Apologies this morning all round. So everything sweet again. Neither of have been sleeping well, which doesn't help. Mosquitoes rare here, but owing to unseasonal weekend rain, probably, an odd bugger got lucky in the flesh of Granny and Beloved, two nights running. They're itching.

Off to sort clothes; granny has moved herself lock stock and ..from spectacular room she and Beloved inhabit when alone, to accommodate guests. Has been ironing sheets and making up beds. No natural chambermaid she. How come hotel chambermaids make beds look as if made up by machine? Her beds do not look machine-made. During all the merry madness her hearing aid got thrown in the bin - oh the trials of age: but luckily she noticed. In haste. But not too much haste (see last). xxxGranny.

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