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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Souunds of 'pop pop pop' from all over. But no hunters here. We are beginning to think they are less likely to come once allowed to use guns because they cannot shoot so near to houses. Let's hope so.

No phone till just before lunch, since yesterday lunchtime. Some Telefonica problem, not that our bank account did not hold enough to pay the (automatically debited) bill. (This can happen; Banks don't warn you in advance. Nor can you access your account over the internet to check, as with our English banks.) We still cannot get the answer service, despite constant promises ('within 3 days'; 'within 24 hours': etc.) Ha. Ha. No accelerating piece for the connection box arrives either. Our internet connection lumbers still.

Rain and cloud from SW yesterday has gone. NE wind, sharper, but brilliant sun. Arrival of our guests is beginning to loom. I wash cushion covers, bedspreads etc. Beloved is busy cooking.

Cat still decorated with bandage and furious about being confined. What else to report? Nothing. Granny has been mildly melancholy. Beloved says he doesn't know what melancholy is, nor does he recognise such a thing as her sinking feeling before confronting an empty page. But then he's a scientist. Or else Superman. (Yes and no!) One thing about lack of connection to Blogger and all other internet delights is that more got written....She will have to reflect on this. Grannyp

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