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Thursday, June 02, 2005

electric scream

No. Granny has no interesting thoughts of any kind today. Just total technical frustration...here she is, MAC all sorted and understood, 3 in 1 printer installed, plus flickr plus mozilla firefox so she can do the HTML thing. And guess what - today she comes down, boots up, discovers there is no electrical power coming in. Does she have the bill here? No. Is there an Apple dealer on this island? No? Will the Spanish Apple send stuff to this island direct? No! (Import problems, would you believe it, one Spanish province to another.) She has now extracted bill from London, so at least whatever needs be done can be done under guarantee, has located dealer on main island of province, will take the machine to a local computer shop to get the power checked to see if it just needs a new adaptor (which will have to be sent from Madrid via main island and will take at least 2 weeks (think 3-4, from previous experience); or if whole machine will have to be sent to main island to get a new logic board. Whatever that is. So here she is back on the borrowed (from Beloved) pc, which is so mini she gets eye and finger ache and is 100% times slower. Scream.

Interested anyone? She isn't, so why should you be.... Cheers.

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