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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Good words

No: granny has nothing to say here herself; she just wants to recommend everybody read this. About the media. What it is to have an archbishop who is not only intelligent but prepared to sound it. A philosopher and poet who reads widely. Who does not resort to platitudinous generalisations about 'the British People,' but recognises the incorporated differences.

If anything makes Granny switch off it is that phrase: THE BRITISH PEOPLE. Not that she's above unfair generalisations herself; especially vis a vis representatives of the British People met round here: largely buyers of the Sun to judge by the British papers available on the International Press stands. Sun, Mail, Express, Star. Compare them with serious broadsheets offered all other nationalities... (not that the UK broadsheets are let off lightly either. Rowan Williams is compulsory reading. Please go there.

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