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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who am I

Granny has had a series of professional blows this week which leaves her wondering if she is a writer any more.... Forgive her if takes a day or two to pick herself up off the floor.

However, she has meantime opened another blog within this site. She has posted in it a story she wrote some time back, and which she has just thoroughly revised. It's too long for a proper blog, but plays around with material from the memoirs she's been posting. The characters are all real. The story never happened. But it could have done. Anyway if this interests you in the slightest here is where to go. (No comments enabled on that. If you have any post here.)

The clouds forecast - the rain - have not been forthcoming. The wind has dropped, the sun shone nicely all week. Idyllic weather. For this she is grateful. She has also decided that what she's going to do now is work, seriously, on her Spanish.

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