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Friday, June 03, 2005


The MAC owner can breathe again. Lovely machine is now charged up and working, thanks to investigations by nice Internet cafe man up the road. Who, despite the problem he was trying to fix, claimed to be envious of me; he has worked in computers for 19 years and has always liked them, but never owned one. Turned out cable had fused not only in plug but in connector to adaptor; partly because connection to laptop itself wonky. Laptop will have to be looked at on our return to UK, but meantime can be kept going. What a relief. I LOVE IT. (Too heartfelt to write in 3rd person.)

Enough of technology. Will list other (un)interesting events, before heading off to write another serious family piece, offline.

1. Feline Houdini has canine rival; granny thinks seriously of changing Beautiful Wimp's name. The last month or so has seen the appearance of serious gates with bolts, new walls etc, all round house, in order to keep dogs in and stop them digging up neighbour's veggies. Only problem is: BW has learned he can squeeze through railings.... Which is why he is presently sitting at Granny's feet. What to do now? Fatten him up?

2. Lady with Big and Little Dog has reappeared from holiday; claims she wishes to explain her mysterious flitting, plus dark hints it's to do with Mr Handsome. She is coming to dinner tonight, so all will be revealed. Granny has tried many times to explain Handsome to Lady and vice versa. 'You mean he/she has been having a hard time lately/had a rough childhood?....what do you think I had?' Etc. A fruitless exercise. Why does she bother? To keep both of them onside, she suppose. All in vain.

3. Mr and Mrs Handsome have decided to separate or, rather, to live separately. Granny and Beloved have been playing Elder Statesmen/ Marriage Guidance. 'You are the only people I can talk to?..' etc - how did we get into this? Is it inevitable result of being the oldest? Actually both Handsomes seem happier and to like each other better as a result. More than like each other. 'I respect her at last' claims Mr H of Mrs. (Is Mrs H getting to wear her Janet Reger underwear, Granny wonders, naughtily? Sounds like it.) Baby Handsomes are coming out here to live. Whoopee. At least the guidance sessions are cheerful again,

4. The trade winds have settled in. It's permanently murky up here in the hills. To get a sun ration B and G have to disappear to south or east. Upside is that sometimes cloud is right down in morning and it rains a bit. No more watering. Good. Saddest thing is that Monday's fiesta - Canary Day (blue white and yellow flags everywhere; waiters etc in restaurants etc in local dress: pretty coloured pictures in salt - ephemeral art if there ever was - laid in road round main square; campers down by the shore; they take such events seriously on these island as well as shutting up the shops) was pretty much blown - even at times - rained -off. Pity. But on our side of things they must be used to it; it's always like that at this time of year.

Last scene of Gotterdamerung on Radio Three has just laid its final chords... Good bathetic time to close...

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