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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Granny has been tagged; not something she cares for, or does usually. Especially this morning when she is still spotty, itching, suffering from a bad dose of insomnia - it happens to her from time to time - and don't tell her as Beloved did this morning, that it's a matter of age, or she will shoot you, virtually. She's always had bouts of insomnia, from her thirties at least; so there. She's also got a very needy as well as flea-ridden cat yowling round her feet - Feline Lorengar got shut up in the next-door studio for 24 hours and is in need of reassurance; (she doesn't demand it from Beloved who is out, anyway; Beloved is a dog not a cat man. Feline Lorengar knows this from long experience.) Granny is also deep in writing; this is part of the reason for the insomnia.

Tag though comes from dear friend Clare, of Boob Pencil. Who is currently in Big Blogger house and needs voting for: here's the message she sent Granny.

Look, I'm really sorry...

But it's my task this week for Big Blogger to get the whole world and
her girlfriend to vote for me, and I came up with this idea...

It's a meme. And I'm tagging you with it. And I won't be offended if
you don't want to do it - heaven knows, I rarely do them myself - but, you
know. You might help me WIN! And I do like winning stuff...

So, here are the instructions for the meme:

(1) Tell your readers three things about you that would make you the
Ideal Housemate if you were imprisoned in a house with ten random strangers for weeks on end. Then three things that'd make you the Housemate From Hell.

(2) Think very hard about whether you would like Clare, the creator of
the creator of this wonderful meme to win the big Blogger challenge at this site and if so vote for her there.

(3) Tag as many people as possible with this meme. Quickly! The voting

ends at midday on Mon 2nd July!

Right: Ideal Housemate: Granny? Don't think so. But possible qualities: Tolerant(ish). Intrigued by other people. Can cook. Housemate from Hell. Snores. Doesn't suffer fools gladly. (Especially giggling girls.) Is ancient. (By BB standards.)

Tagging? Noone individually - she wouldn't want to make any of you feel guilty for not not doing it - just anyone who cares to. Or if not just to vote for Clare herself. She's worth it! As you can see for yourself if you hop over to her site, Boob Pencil, from Granny's sidebar.

Good voting. Cheers.

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