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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Buzzing Island

Life - of sorts - on this island can be defined by main event of this week; island Mr Big (in political and crook terms) sentenced to 8 years in prison for corruption has had his Grade Three Prisoner status - meaning he only has to sleep in the prison - revoked. Theory is that this status was granted via the ruling socialist party; in return Mr Big's local nationalist party was willing to work with it in running the Cabildo - the island council - and the town council of Lanzarote's capital. Result of the revocation is likely to be political chaos - or at least stultification: nothing will get decided about anything, let alone done. Not that this is an unusual state of affairs. The swimming-pool in the main town, completed a year ago was only opened this week.

In other respects - as above - the island is humming with activity. Today is the Ironman race - the crazy event for crazies - 3,80 kilometres swim, 180 kilometre bike ride and, as cherry on the strenuously-beaten cake mix, a full marathon. Judging by the melee at the Sports Centre where Granny and Beloved swim, the Ironmen and women - many of them looking as if they are really made of iron - are not only crazy but rich; they were surrounded by kiosks selling £6000 bikes. This morning they were riding the bikes - even the new ones possibly. Their efforts made Granny and Beloved's trip to the northern market along much of the same route adventurous, not to say circuitous, not to say slow.

Add to this that tomorrow is Corpus Christi (click if you want to see last year's version): meaning that half the population will be out this evening making salt pictures in the street. Beloved considered joining in with a picture of the local church - his version - but has decided, to Granny's relief, to give it a miss; she didn't particularly fancy an evening up to the elbows in salt as his assistant. Do you blame her?

On Monday Beloved Eldest Granddaughter flies in along with Beloved Goddaughter. They do not come alone. On the same day - possibly even on the same plane, from Madrid - arrive Pedro Almodovar and his crew to spend three weeks filming part of his next masterpiece - Abrazos Rotos - or Broken Embraces - on the island. Granny is wondering - half-hoping - that the Beloved Girls will emerge from the arrivals hall alongside Penelope Cruz.

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