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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Here we go. Long blog yesterday wiped by inadvertant change in our system. (Too boring to go into.) A gloomy one - starting out with misquote - I think therefore I am not; or rather wish I wasn't.  Due, probably to bad night, cloudy sky, wind, pain in bruised rib etc etc. Nothing live on dry land except the odd blue butterfly and lizard and then only when sun out (which it wasn't.) Dogs (sod it I;ve lost half of all this again; what's with things? And I've only got half an hour!!) dogs run away so have to be chained like all other local dogs, poor things. Still worse last night and bad dreams to boot - not nice ones about river and family and friends of night before. This time large furry poisonous spiders and dear painter friend still insisting on staying away - woke crying but came down to discover aches much less and even sun appearing. Compared to old schoolfriend in Northern Ireland rung yesterday who turns out to have has colon cancer, to Attic woman taken out to lunch on Saturday who says nothing but 'I'm stuck' (she is, ) to bottle blond friend who came to lunch on Sunday and doesn't talk to her family - whereas I found myself extolling mine - even politically reprehensible brother! - suppose I'm well off really. To be freer of aches is almost worth having had them.  
Read my union rag - The Author - was deeply depressed by the lengths the poor writer has to go to sell herself these days. Always had to up to a point but Granny never into that - arrogance? idleness/inertia? a mixture of both probably and more - to agent's dismay.  Proactivity is for others. Isn't it? (I'm a meditative Mary, you're depressed, she's lazy...)
Enough. It's here. Won't lose this will I?  Maybe do some work before setting out for meeting re attic woman. Ageing Jane Eyre/Granny pxx

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