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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Guests arrive; sleepless, so quiet - have same first names as Granny and Beloved which is odd. They are now drinking tea on our back terrace and claim not to be into jacuzzis....Sun is OUT after murky start. Feline Houdini successfully confined so far.

Cockerel noisy down at the bottom of our drive. We never see him. Because of courtyards, inner gardens - necessary on windy island - hens and goats etc tend to be confined within them; far more are around than is ever obvious. We have one Canarian neighbour with a parrot, several parakeets, pigeons, doves, large numbers of goats. You have no idea until you go to the back of her house. Downside are the flies - the wall of her goat house is black with them. The fly trap there is black too - nasty sight.Few cows here, though. Sheep are all milking sheep, the lop-eared kind which look more like goats. Granny did see two black and white cows the other day en route to the airport. God knows what they're fed on. There is NO grass. Feeding horses - there are horses - many of them beautiful thickset Spanish Riding School types - is an expensive business.

Guests to be attended to. Granny and Beloved are off for a swim and to run the dogs and then it's all hard labour. grannypxx

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