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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Nobody in house under sixty. Think how we'd have seen that even 20 years ago. Horror! Joan Bakewell in Guardian column yesterday bewails that there is little discussion among the aged still about growing old; how it is. Such vast disparities of course. There's the demented Attic Woman more than a year younger than Granny and self living her cared-for geriatric life down the road. There's us, working as hard as ever, if differently from employment days. There are lonely widows and widowers, moneyless in back streets everywhere, still apologising for being alive. (That's one thing changed. The old used to be either meek, or bloody - with the odd wise good example, who just went on getting saner, Naomi Mitchison eg, Dora Russell. ). Noone walked up mountain, unless they were aged Andean or Nepalese say. with no option. And now? There's SAGA (Sex And Games Away) there's the Snow birds, of course (If the RV's rocking don't knock...) . There's self-help books. But ongoing discussion among ourselves? Do we want it? Death yes, everyone needs to think about death. And far-flung as we are we could do it all via the net. But apart from death isn't there so much else to think about still? Or not. (DISCUSS.) Grannyp

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