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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Feline Houdini did it again; Beloved found him in the sitting-room this morning, on newly-washed sofa covers. Further measures have been taken. We shall see.

Granny a little worse for wear this morning after mildly alcoholic dinner with prospective tenant of studio. Handsome from Blackburn claims to have sleepless nights worrying about this. Prospective tenant has two dogs - one very large - a Swiss mountain dog. ..Also he DOESN'T TRUST HER. We reassure him. Comic situation where Granny and her Beloved feel responsible for Mr and Mrs Handsome, Mr Handsome, at least feel they cannot do without him. Both cases somewhat true probably. A kind of symbiosis.

All ready more or less. Skies have been cloudy mostly today. We cannot tidy up the weather. Tomorrow mine hosts will be mine hosting - more to Beloved's enjoyment than Granny's. But it's money. Goodnight sweet reader (or not reader.) Grannyp xxx

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