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Friday, April 15, 2005


Quick thought after sweet sweet meeting with the first Mrs R, sitting in the sun watching the sea turn multiple white horses. It got quite tearful on both sides. ('Life is so complicated,' she said. 'Families are so complicated. You should write about it.' She can be more than coherent you see, not to say insightful - it's just that she's forgotten it all a moment later. Funny she said this then, though, just after Granny had tried writing it for the first time, when she is still not sure about doing it, despite encouragement from her Beloved. It's difficult being open and honest, when families are involved, when the issues are so sensitive and the ethics so difficult, when everyone concerned is feeling at some level guilty or inadequate or bereft or angry or all of these things together.)

To bring us all down to earth, here's this question. Why are those producing aids for the old, ill and disabled so mealy-mouthed? Mrs R's present wheelchair is called 'Sunrise.' Her old one was 'Breezy.' Not sure what they call incontinence gear - but in the light of that can imagine 'Sweetn'dry.' 'April Showers.' 'The scent of summer.' And so forth. Spades are spades aren't they? Old age definitely is. Sweetening it out of existance makes it all the worse when it comes.

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