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Monday, June 02, 2008


This time last week Granny was, excitedly, also nervously, heading for the airport to meet Beloved Granddaughter and Beloved Goddaughter. Now instead, she is missing them. No fears realised - weather good, girls did not decide they hated each other and fall out - far from it (they had not known each other that well before so anything was possible) - Granny drove them safely hither and thither in her little hire car, despite her worries about that. Only problems were Beloved Granddaughter suffering mild sunburn despite all precautions against such things and Beloved Goddaughter catching a cold - she claimed - noone else caught it and this is a child inclined to hypochondria so who knows. The only real casualty a large fish the children caught in a rock pool and placed in the kitchen one, where it expired within the hour.

This was the case anyway, until Granny took her unaccompanied minors back to the airport.... where it turned out no airport guardian was available to mind them airside, accompanying relation had to do this, proving her identity with a passport - which Granny didn't have on her of course - compounding the problem by being no relation to one of the minors. It took half an hour of battling with officials all saying different things till they let her and them through but not before she and the children had had to traipse hither and thither, from uniform to uniform - police with caps - officials capless - from office to office. Sigh.

Tomorrow Granny was supposed to go back to Malaga. But Big Brother's two daughters are now with him, Granny definitely is not needed. BB still close to death - closer - despite rallying on Friday, sitting up in bed and eating large amounts of chocolate mousse. Which all goes to prove Granny's observation from long experience - too much of it really - that the dying are still in life, can still enjoy it, and that this is quite as significant as the lurking skeleton with his scythe. In this case BB did enjoy it, very much - the chocolate mousse she means: obviously. Good. As for now.... She waits to hear. You can't keep on ringing people to find out what slow stage of consciousness/unconsciousness someone has reached now . BB will go when he goes and she will sit here thinking of him and missing the children and listening to the wind making music with the house. As usual.

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